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17 Ways A Woman’s Mind Can Be Sexier Than Her Appearance


Every now and then, I like to share posts from my friend at SexyConfidence.comAdam LoDolce. Adam has been featured by multiple major media outlets such as Cosmopolitan, MTV, CNN, Glamour, and quite a few more.

This is one of those ‘now and then’ times. Adam recently published a list of 17 ways that the sexiness of a woman’s mind trumps the sexiness of her appearance. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


Smoking hot intellect.

  1.      She not only has opinions, but voices them confidently and openly.
  2.      She’s quick. Her humor is witty and keeps the people around her laughing and on their toes.
  3.      She remembers what others tell her and genuinely listens.
  4.      She has a taste for the more complex aspects of our culture. She can enjoy unique music, art and experiences.
  5.      She stands by her beliefs.
  6.      She’s interested in the world around her and actively engages herself in learning about it.
  7.      She makes decisions. She knows what she wants. She trusts her own mind.
  8.      She makes clear connections and can reason through difficult situations confidently and logically.
  9.      She understands cultural differences. She thinks outside the box. She makes a distinct effort to experience different perspectives.
  10.  She fights for what she believes is important.
  11.  She can create conversation about any subject and clearly enjoys doing so.
  12.  She’s eager to learn about different facets of knowledge. She’s interested in other careers and concepts that she doesn’t know much about.
  13.  She loves to dig deeper. She loves to learn more. She loves to question.
  14.  She adores travel and involving herself in global appreciation and knowledge.
  15.  She’s humble about her own intelligence and understands that life is one giant school session. To her, there’s always something that she can learn from others.
  16.  She’s never embarrassed to be herself. She never feels the need to “dumb herself down” for the sake of men. If certain men are turned off by strong, intelligent women, they aren’t the kind of men she’s interested in anyway.
  17.  She understands that sexiness lies in the contents of our minds. Our bodies fade over time, but our minds are flames that burn forever. That sounds pretty hot to me.

I have to say – I do agree.


I was compelled to share this article with you because, like most of Adam’s points, I agree with what he has to say. If you want to get more content from Adam, including frequent videos, click here to connect with him directly!

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