If You Put News Celebrities on a Pedestal – Then You Deserve Them

If you are like me, chances are you don’t want to watch TV anymore, because everything they are playing on TV is complete and utter nonsense. There are reality TV shows, sitcoms, soap operas, and just general mind numbing news. Needless to say, none of this is helping our society. In fact, it tends to degrade it, almost to the point that it is making our citizens stupid. Of course, the entertainment industry, the media, and even those talk shows are merely giving the public what they want, and so the question might be; why are our citizens craving that level of programming?

Perhaps, the problem is at the family level, or it shows a dumbing-down of our population, as well as a need which is missing somewhere in their lives. Now then, I would submit to you that a society gets more of what rewards, and less of what it doesn’t. If we continually put these entertainers on pedestals, then we will get nothing but more of the same, and more folks stimulating and trying to be just like that.

Okay so, now let’s talk about the TV news for moment fabiosa.com. We also have celebrities which are newscasters, and we tend to put them on a pedestal, and even the major news networks attempt to make them into sex symbols.

They figure that we will watch a pretty face, and trusted news source because of who is reading the lines from the Teleprompter. Indeed, if we put these celebrities, the new celebrities on a pedestal, then in the way we deserve them. In other words, we deserve to be fed nonsense on the news, and allow our minds to melt to the whims of those who run the media.

One thing I find quite interesting during the political season is that the news folks and commentators often talk to each other about what they think about the political happenings.

In doing so they are not giving us the news, they are giving us their opinion, and since they’ve been made into semi-superstars by the news stations, we tend to trust them, and therefore trust their opinion. What’s that famous line; “he who owns the media, controls the minds of the people,” and unfortunately not only is that true, but I’d say it’s getting worse.

Just because someone is good-looking, and can flawlessly read a Teleprompter, doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about, or that we should trust their opinion. Nevertheless, they are giving us their opinion whether we like it or not, and we must realize that opinions are not unbiased news. Unfortunately, it appears that far too many people don’t see it this way, but I would submit to you that more should. We have quite a problem brewing, and we need to take care of it.

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