Platinum network Test September 2019 – Real Dates, or rip-off

Platinum network Test September 2019 - Real Dates, or rip-offPlatinum network Test September 2019 - Real Dates, or rip-off

Platinum network Test September 2019 - Real Dates, or rip-off

Our platinum network Test platinum network – The Community for the Young at heart.

The platinum network is a in the year 2007 based Dating platform, which is aimed primarily at the Generation 50plus. The members usually have serious intentions and want to meet a Partner for life. But there is more than just Dating in this Portal, platinum is the network for the evening, here you can meet people, personals to browse through, or in the numerous articles, tips and Tricks around the life of collect. Is Abgegrundet the offer of Games, organized appointments, and chat round the Forum.

Originally platinum network was a Startup, which is still listed today at the start-up scene. However, in 2013, the Website of was taken , one of the largest networks for senior citizens. In addition to planet senior recorded the most growth in 40plus members. However, it is unclear whether platinum mesh and one day will merge .

Registration process and profile creation.

Log in to platinum network takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, the profile a little longer. Thanks to the run registry, there are here also for newbies no difficulty. Include the mandatory fields:

E-Mail birthday name and surname place of residence, nickname, password.

After you have entered all the information, you will receive a Code via E-Mail, you will need to for platinum network enter. Now you can access your profile and create.

The authenticity check is recommended.

Our platinum web experiences have shown that the free authenticity check is quite recommendable. The site offers you a Review of the phone, so you can use all functions can. For this purpose, you enter either your phone number or your landline number and receive a call or an SMS with a Code. Once you have confirmed the Code, applies to your profile as a verified and you can also see those platinum members of the network in which you as a partner in a proposal will be presented .

Profile very flexible in design.

Your own profile you can create very diverse, without the features would be too complicated. To get right at the beginning of the recommendation you upload a photo, which increases your chances with the opposite sex. You can also create photo albums and you of your best pages to present. Also your motto , saying, the profile of visitors is recommended directly on your profile overview .

In order to reveal more of you, you have the section “About me” on your profile, which you fill out using the free texts. There are different information that you have 200 characters available:

Life goals Achievements leisure interests the perfect Start to the day, life motto, children & grandchildren, Pets.

In the category of “My favorites” you can tell a lot about you:

Fitness tips & Wellness beverages, travel destinations, favorite artists, music, TV shows, and movies, favorite books, quotes you like.

“Your profile” is a collection of the most important facts about you that you should, if possible, fully complete. Of course, you can omit information, because the platinum members of the network are, however, curious, are you happy about a lot of information. And would like to know your profile of you:

Size and shape, fitness level, eye and hair color Ethnic origin your clothes, the style traits of character education which languages you’re talking about political affiliations, Religion, children, Smoking or non-Smoking interests sports.

On your home page, you will see how much of your profile you have already completed. If you’re uncertain about whether you have done everything correctly, you can edit your profile with a wizard. This program brings you point-by-point through the profile position and gives you important tips which details you should not forget .

Members of the structure.

Around 150,000 platinum members of the network, the Portal has recorded, in the meantime, 57 percent of which are female . Although you can use the Website completely free of charge, there is virtually no Fakes. Us have met in the Test, only real people, no one logged in was to make Trouble .

If you want to try, if you can find the love of your life, you can sign up at platinum network, free of charge .

Often the astonishment prevails over the high proportion of women in this flirt portal, but that is easily explained. Thanks to Reports in the German magazine Brigitte, which is predominantly read by women, the network for women over 50 well-known than in men. The men’s platinum network on ehsten from the mirror, because here it was reported about the legendary Aktkalender, for the twelve Seniors of the platinum network have moved out .

Contact options.

If you get in contact with other platinum members of the network, you have different solutions for this. The classic here is, of course, the message function . Something bad: A Messenger, direct chat, there is not. Messages will be transmitted to our platinum web experiences in real-time, there is no delay, so that the missing Messenger can be verschmerzt .

Small gifts preserve the friendship.

If you generate only once attention, you can make other members a little joy with a gift. You have a total of nine virtual gifts to choose from: the greeting, a Smile, a flower, a Rose, a Cup of coffee, a glass of champagne, a screen, a squirrel and a leaf. Your virtual gift, you can with 800 characters still personalize. Gifts can be displayed by the recipient in his or her profile .

A individual greeting, you can instantly send the greeting card. If you select this type of contact, you get a large number of predefined cards to choose from. Search you fit the model of what is best and mailing it with a personal Text. A very special friends you can make, if you choose a private photo as a greeting card subject. Simply take a picture, upload it to the greeting card format with your own Text.

Learn by Quiz.

Our platinum web experiences have shown that the learning quiz is for the members to be very popular. No wonder, there are no start-up difficulties in communication, but a few questions need to be answered. If you visit a Person’s profile, you can select “learning Quiz” and then a question area decide. Available:

Fun Leisure Culture Of Relationship Flirtation .

The site now generates four questions, which are sent in the Form of a Quiz to the other Person. If you do not like the questions, you can leave at any time re-mix .

Now you can answer for yourself any questions, because your counterpart would like to finally learn something from you. You can also select what you want to do, if all your answers match. The choice you have between an invitation to a movie, a report about your first kiss, pictures of you, an invitation to dinner or a secret, to betray what you promise .

Tips from our editorial staff.

Tip 1: Your photo for the sympathies! If you have a chance to sympathies would not be missing a profile photo. Select an image in which you recognize to be able to do, a nice Smile is just as important as a good photo quality.

Platinum network Test September 2019 - Real Dates, or rip-off

Tip 2: Show what you’re looking for! What profile visitors want to know first? Properly, the reasons for your membership. Give in the section “looking for” as much detail as possible on what you’re looking for, you steal other users so that the contact.

Tip 3: In a sentence to impress! In addition to your profile motto, a motto that appears directly under your photo. You only get one set available, therefore, wise to choose. What do you want your profile visitors as the first to say?

Tip 4: The Motto counts! What is your life motto is? What do you want to be associated? Your first sentence in the section “about me” is often a critical factor in whether the profile of the visitors would like to read more. A little Humor, a little bit of charm and a pinch of wisdom are the perfect blend, the first set to getsalten.

Tip 5: don’t Tell much, everything! The section “about me” gives you numerous possibilities of to tell you. Our tip: Tell a lot of things, but not everything. Sometimes a hint is more, it increases the tension and encourages your to ask. Fill in you ought to this section, however, because well-designed Profiles have more chances.

Design, functionality and usability.

The Design of the Website is pleasant and fresh, it seems overloaded and also not overly modern. A tasteful appearance and good functionality to bring the feel-good factor. The main functions are easy to use, in addition, each user can log out without problems the platinum network .

The registration and profile creation can be performed with a computer-generated control. The step-by-step program is suitable for all New Users, who have no experience in terms of Dating-exchange. While other single and flirt exchanges such as the cafe on its own initiative, it is set in platinum network for the user and in the profile position is not a purely case .

Support the site makes it easy to. If you have found out, where the individual functions are, to serve you soon in the bedroom. Most important to your contacts and you lose thanks to watch list, are in any case not so fast.

Special Features.

The platinum network consists of two main areas. For one, there is the community area with a Forum, members, search, group and more, as well as the notification area , which consists of articles, journals, and other useful pages. Boring it is not in the platinum network anyway .

In the community area there is always something happening .

The community area is divided into different categories, which are neatly listed at the top. You need only click on a heading and you’ll discover the local specificities. The following selections you have in the community area:

You select the members section, you will be shown the first members from your region of residence. Perhaps you’re planning a move or want out of the box look? Then you can set your own search preferences, and to members of the look, the come from the whole of Germany .

A member of a group and parts of your views.

In the section “groups” can’t you get to know new people, but also your allegiance to Hobbies, activities, or favorite topics to talk about. Displayed to you first of all, the new groups, but you can in the navigation menu, all existing groups are displayed. Are sorted in the group according to the thematic focus of love and leisure, to hot topics from the adult range, everything is available. If you don’t find actually what you are looking for, you can create your own group .

Ask me and I’ll ask you.

In the questions section, you have the ability to all questions, the deal you just simply get rid of. You want to know, what is the best Laundry detergent brand? You have been occupied with the question of whether you should buy organic eggs? No matter what it is, in this section it can be posted. If you have any questions, you can, of course, the questions of the platinum-network members answer.

A moment to capture.

If you like visual stimuli, are you lifted in the heading photos. Here are the platinum members of the network to collect your most beautiful snapshots and share them in the Form of albums. If your four-legged friend, the last Tour with the motorcycle or the city trip, there are plenty of albums with great pictures that are worth a look. You can make your own albums, of course, also can upload and other users of the network share.

Get your spring.

You have already written in school, like essays, and you want to the world to tell us something? The “articles” section is the right place for such concerns. Here, each Platiner has the possibility to upload his own articles, or to read the written effusions of the other members and to rate. Thematically, you’re completely free, let your literary imagination.

To play, no one is too old.

The games section is ideal for you when you drive your game as a 50-plus have not yet lost. Wissensquizze, images couples-Discover or just fun games in the babble forum, you have the choice of what you want to deal with. The Game also offers an entertaining change of pace if just once one of your contacts is online .

Loose contacts in the Chat make.

The Chat is a good opportunity to meet other users loose into the Chat. The Chat is divided into different sections, each with a different focus. In the cuddly corner, you’re in the right place, if you’re Single, and another Single are looking for.

The Bazaar is intended for discussions around the world. In the enchanted forest, however, adventure and imagination on the program. Here you can be who you’ve always wanted to be a Fairy, a witch or maybe a wizard? The coffee house is the ideal chat room for the afternoon chat at the tea. It is later, on the exchange in the Lounge, here is a cozy chit-chat when one or the other, virtual Cocktail.

Meet in real life.

You want more than just Online contacts? You will find in the section “Meetings” are the best ways on real Dates. Whether regulars or Breakfast meeting, maybe even a dance in the evening – the choice is wide and you can find thanks to the search function in each place after the upcoming Meeting. You simply Meld in and learning other platinum members of the network personally.

The information area with new topics.

In addition to the Community, you still have the info available. Here, there is always knowledge to learn things. In the headings of life, society, health, environment and leisure you will always find new news, interesting guide and help for the big and small problems of everyday life.

Unfortunately, there is no platinum network App, the Website and through the mobile Browser used .

Experience report.

Partner search for the 50plus Generation? We were skeptical when we wanted to log in to the platinum grid and were positively surprised. A casual introduction, computer-controlled assistance in the case of the profile position and a very clear website design brought the feel-good factor with.

The platinum network is more than just a Dating site, the Community character comes out very clearly. Here only Singles in, but also many assigned to the members who have a desire for new friendships and contacts. The chances of finding a Partner for life, we assess as mediocre. For the platinum net on the search, says it in the rule, seriously, Fakes are not an issue here. With initiative and patience with good opportunities to find through this network, the love is still there .

Our conclusion: If you even want to try, you can now at, We were surprised at how quickly the time passes in the side use. There are games of really good articles, a great Forum and, ultimately, the Chat, and we hang on quickly in the one or other remained .

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