Silent night, lonely night – Christmas alone

All years again: silent night, lonely night.

Lonely in the Christmas season? You’re not alone. We show you ways how you around the Christmas & the holidays Dates & society can.

All years again: Lonely Christmas.

The holidays are like every year in front of the door, only no family or friends with whom you can spend. Silent night, lonely night - Christmas alone of Germans
The relatives live too far away, travel with their families or celebrate alone. And even among friends you sometimes feel a bit lonely and it is the proximity, which one would assume is simply a lack of to spend the holidays .

You will feel consequently lonely, because what was to ignore the whole year is still good to the end of the year, when all felt the Christmas markets, pilgrims and “home alone” – is to be seen every week on TV, for the agony: I’m not unmotivated, bored, isolated me, maybe social, but I’m going on holidays mostly alone. The longing for family and close friends may drift slightly from the pain of loneliness in a Depression. Who sings to themselves because even self Christmas songs? Or give yourself an advent calendar? The thought of it makes you even sadder than it was before. Silent night, lonely night.

How lonely I really am?

This question can be before the holidays, when all are already planning your tranquil evenings and lavish parties. Statistically, about 14% of the German Singles now spend all the holidays alone.

But what do you do when the holidays are near and you have nothing and no one you want to spend ?

My grandfather told me to be very proud of the wonderful TV program at Christmas, and In the public television there is a spectacular Christmas program with choirs and Church fairs. But who is really lonely, is not also enjoy a wonderful Christmas evening of TV. At least, not alone.

The lonely German.

There are a total of 7,42 million men living alone and 8,47 million women living alone in Germany. More than every fifth Person was therefore standing alone – a study in 2014 even shows that 63% of Germans feel lonely, 20% of severely lonely.

The inner Emptiness can be boring, especially when you can indulge in over the holidays, only the longing for love and closeness just. Christmas is the celebration of the family – But if you (still) not? The reasons may be diverse: Maybe it’s my fear of Commitment, fear of disappointment and Heartbreak, my shyness, or simply because I am so busy just before the Burnout and me in the evening, the listlessness comes over, and I’d rather be on my Sofa, than on the road.

A loneliness study showed that Workaholics constitute a good 40% of the lonely people. On a par with the lonely partners, followed by the elderly (18%) and insecure people.

“I can’t, I want, I have no strength.” – On holidays, so the loved one on the Couch, the blanket over the head, and with a few bottles (annealing)of wine to numb (up to one-two tears perhaps) through the holidays vegetate until the duty is pushing me back in front of the door ?

From loneliness to togetherness make.

This must not be! After all, there are more lonely people out there, which happens to so. Of course, one should not bring despair to, of necessity, the holidays to spend with the Unknown, however, this shared loneliness creates all the reason to be a contemplative togetherness!

Now there are some reasons to take the speak first without obligation, before you meet for the holidays. How about an afternoon trip to the Christmas market? A skating followed by mulled wine? And even if it sounds unusual, so would were the least likely to on a Date to bake cookies exclusive – After all, one has to eat after something. So, you can come slowly closer and first of all to talk to each other, with the opportunity then to ask what the plans for the holidays, and possibly the lonely a night together.

Why Online Dating?

There are several reasons which speak in favor of going online to search for other Singles .

Who works a lot, you will appreciate the saving of time, because after all, one can see it from almost everywhere in contact with the other without much effort. So the Workaholics can find us also in spite of the limited time available partners .

Whoever is shy, will appreciate the benefits of Pseudonymity” very. You write so first of all, before you face personally. Silent night, lonely night - Christmas alone your tranquil evenings
Thus, inhibitions and can open communicate with each other .

Older don’t have to worry, because on most of the portals all age groups are represented. Silent night, lonely night - Christmas alone lonely, because what was
Online Dating is not only for teenagers but really for everyone. Most of the portals are even offering an “age search” service where you can select which age range the should be .

In particular, but in the case of the Online to consider Dating is the possibility in advance, what you want for Christmas: loose ones forced to find, which are characterized by their non-binding nature, is in the area of Online Dating possible.

Last christmas I gave you my heart.

. but the very next day you gave it away.

This year, to save me from tears,

I’ll give it to someone special.

These Christmas classics we all know and the feeling of falling in love with the wrong Person, and be disappointed too. But where do we find someone we can give our heart to, to be disappointed? For nerve investigations are recommended part. Reputable Dating sites provide Dating suggestions that really fit to you. We have tested the best for you:

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