Top 5 Celebrities That Suffer From Migraines

One of the only consolations that Migraineurs (people who have migraines) can take in their condition is the fact that many of their fellow headache sufferers are highly intelligent, creative, and historically important folks.

In the annals of migraine history, many memorable people make the list. Lewis Carroll, author of “Alice in Wonderland” was a Migraineur. Vincent Van Gough, the artistic genius who cut off his ear, was another member of the migraine club. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychiatry, suffered migraines as well.

Migraineurs who work in the performing arts find it difficult to “come out” as migraine sufferers. They can have millions of dollars riding on their performances. Producers and directors might think twice about entrusting a victim of chronic, sometimes debilitating, pain with their very expensive projects. New migraine medications have made it easier for some artists to pursue their career, as have more Holistic approaches, such as acupuncture, yoga, herbs, and the like. Hollywood is known for its New Age practices, and the search for migraine relief may play a bigger part in this than people realize.

The five top celebrities listed are not well-known for their Migraineur status. It is interesting to note where the similarities and differences arise between them. The famous are, after all, people, and as different from each other as everyday migraine sufferers.

1 John F Kennedy, the thirty fifth President of the United States, battled ill-health, migraines, and chronic pain all his life. His WW2 back injury plagued him constantly, yet, his short life was full and active. He wrote, traveled, and served in the Senate before becoming President. He toughed out a lot of his pain, but had to resort to cortisone and other serious drugs when will-power alone didn’t work. The public was never aware of the extent of his health problems until years after his assassination.

2 Elvis Presley also suffered from migraine headaches. He rose to prominence when the rock n roll he revolutionized swept the world. Elvis was a sensitive and deeply spiritual person as well. His deceased twin brother and mother were very important to him and he claimed communication with them. He was a voracious reader of metaphysical books.

3 Whoopi Goldberg is a Renaissance Woman if there ever was one. She came to the public’s attention as a cutting-edge comedian, and is an actress of Oscar and Emmy caliber. She is also a singer-songwriter, activist, TV producer and host, and Broadway star. This one time struggling single mother has done it all while battling migraines.

4 Elizabeth Taylor is known as one of the most beautiful actresses of all time. She was also the muse and love of the legendary actor Richard Burton. Getting her start as a child actor, Elizabeth Taylor grew to be an accomplished, Oscar winning actress, whose romances, marriages, and scandals riveted the public’s attention for many years.

5 Loretta Lynn, the Coal Miner’s Daughter, was born in poverty and was married by the time she was fourteen. While having her children, and growing up herself, she forged a life-spanning career in Country Western music. A songwriter who was one of the first to write about real life and controversy, she also opened the door for other female C&W artists. She is beloved by many world-wide. She also is a Migraineur.

There are many more famous (and infamous) migraine sufferers. They are testament to the fact that one need not resign from the human race because of migraines. It takes knowledge, patience, and more than a little courage to overcome and succeed at life despite being a Migraineur.

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