Valentine’s day 2019, The best tips for the day of love

Valentine's day 2019, The best tips for the day of love

Valentine's day 2019, The best tips for the day of love

The best Valentine’s day ever: the day will be a full success.

The Valentine’s day is coming and like every year, the question arises: How is the official day of love a success? No matter whether you’re Single or in a relationship – we have compiled a list of the best tips, so that you can keep the Valentine’s day, 2019 in the memory. You don’t have a Date? We have listed in this article all the important facts and advice so that you the 14. February for sure not alone have to spend !

If you already have a Partner, it is advisable to prepare and hasty, nerve-consuming load-to-Minute decisions are a thing of the past. From the perfect Date to a gift that your(s) Favorite(s) is put in a rapture, we can also help you in the planning.

Even if one should show his treasure, of course, the whole year about his love of the Valentine’s day is probably the best opportunity to declare one’s appreciation. But why do we celebrate Valentine’s day at all?

The history of Valentine’s day.

Is due to the customs and traditions of Valentine’s day on the Holy Valentinus . However, it is unclear what the saints are, because there are several persons with the name Valentin, the day in connection, where both suffered martyrdom, and her relics are venerated in various Parts of Europe. The memorial day has a religious origin, the Feast of St. Valentine has been a member since 1969 the Roman General calendar of the Orthodox Church, however, for on 06. July to 30. July, is committed. In addition, the relationships are presumed to be with the Roman Festival Lupercalien, a Festival of fertility at 40. The day after the appearance of the gentlemen was celebrated. Romantic it was only by Poets and writers such as Shakespeare, the word Valentine in his romantic poems used.

The Valentine’s day today.

Today is the Valentine’s day is celebrated almost everywhere in the world, to show his love for the Partner a little more than usual – or to take the Initiative to reveal to his flock, what you feel. You can also be a good cost: on Average, Germans spend 50 euros for this day !

But gone are the days may enjoy, where only happy couples in love on Valentine’s day with your loved one. Self-love and appreciation should be, especially for Singles the A and O on this special date. This also includes activities with the family, or, not least, with the house animals can belong to. To swear by it before all the Americans: in 2016, they spent an incredible 681 million dollars for Valentine’s day gifts for their Pets. Of course, the idea of romantic Dates, however, remains in focus – but how to do that ?

How can I find a his tags-Date?

Just in time for the 14. February is not to find a Date as hard as it sounds. We have you listed here are a few valuable tips on how you can a week, a day or even on Valentine’s day even a Date !

A week (or longer) before Valentine’s day.

Don’t panic: You still have enough time to close up for this special day, a Date clearly. Try it with one of these activities:

1. Cool on Dating platforms, Offline Events — Lots of portals such as LoveScout24 host on special days, such as the 14. February also Offline Events in different cities. In addition, there are often special offers for premium memberships with which to properly can save.

2. Go to a Bar or to a Party — place, in any case, make sure you’re well-dressed – only if you feel comfortable, you have a good chance of a Flirt. Grab a few friends and keep the dance floor or at the bar looking for A Single who finds the same plans as you, always.

3. Host a “Bring A Friend” Party for Singles — throw a Party where all your guests a minimum of one of your Single friends to bring. is A Win-Win Situation: Not only do you have the Chance of finding a flirting partner, but are at the same time, the Matchmaker for all other!

4. Visits Community Events in your city — look on the Website of your city after the events that take place this week. Here you not only get to know nice people from your direct surroundings, but might find your Date for Valentine’s day!

A day before Valentine’s day.

Even if there are until the big day only 24 hours – it is not still too late a Date to !

1. Let you a Date to arrange — You must have at least one friend knows a Single, the morning has nothing! If it offers you a friend to arrange for you a Date, you should not hesitate and spontaneously say “Yes”. If this offer is not pending, take it in Hand and Ask your friends and you will surely not be disappointed.

2. Log in to a Dating App, Dating Apps like Badoo and Lovoo are still the fastest way to put you with other Singles in connection. Make the first step and ask the Person you like out on a Date.

3. Try it with a Dating Agency — You never know, if not even more to hide than a spontaneous Valentine’s day date. If so, you’re also in the longer term, Dating you sites such as elitepartner or Parship definitely be able to help a large step !

If you are already an old hand at Online Dating are now the best time to bring your profile on the front man. Load new images and update your profile text – “Wanna be my Valentine?“ makes sure fast-talking, and, not least, to a Date.

On Valentine’s Day.

You, it’s as if you were the only Person without a Date? You feel lonely and want to the evening prefer to stay with? Don’t worry – with these thoughts, you’re certainly not alone!

1. Report to the Speed-Dating on several Dating sites as well as Restaurants and Bars host Valentine’s day Speed-Dating-Events – a great way to meet new people. Where and when these Meetings take place you’ll be able to Google.

2. Log in to a Casual-Dating-page — Today you will meet outside in front of all to many couples who see food in love in the eyes. Try your luck at home, log in to a Casual-Dating – Portal C-Date, and look at that hot Date you may expect for the present day .

After you have found a suitable Date to have the question: What could you do together? You have no idea? Read more!

Ideas for the Valentine’s day Date.

You’re at a loss, what you should do with your Partner or your first Date on Valentine’s day? We’ve listed some of the activities in which you sure a miracle will be full time together .

If it is your first Date, you should test one of the following exciting Date ideas. Because you should be neither overzealous nor unwisely, the following activities are perfect for a first Meeting:

5 ideas for the first Date.

1. Goes to an amusement Park — Even in the cold Season, there are a lot of Indoor Parks have opened, for example, for AirHopping (i.e. trampolining). Feel like children again and enjoy the nostalgia!

2. A Tourist in your own city is all the Tourist Hotspots Visited in your vicinity and does so, as if you’d today for the first Time. This is especially charming if your Date comes anyway from a different city !

3. Go ice skating — And the best out there! A romantic classic, when you have a Cup of hot chocolate is also safe, fast approaching,.

4. Attended an Outdoor or drive — in movie theater To special occasions such as Valentine’s day, there are many special performances, such as in drive-in theaters or outdoors, where the movie together in a blanket wrapped up to enjoy can. A hot drink and voila kuscheln: The romantic mood is preprogrammed.

5. Enjoys Live music — If you’re both music Fans are the idea is: go to a concert and have a good time. Especially for Introverts, and the otherwise serious topics of conversation will find this is a guarantee for a successful first Date.

If you already no longer a Couple we have here are a few unique Date ideas for you and summarized, the welding you even closer together:

7 Date ideas for happy couples.

1. Your first Date experienced a second Time — If you’re already in a relationship, take time to think back how it all started: after your first Date – you might even have the clothes you have worn at the time ?

2. Bake together — no Matter whether this kitchen activity is usually included with your Hobbies or your talented’re fun you will have in any case. A sweet recipe is looking for you on the Internet and you’re ready to go – at the end of the day, you can have your Treats and your Partner eat!

3. The couple’s pleasure is Hiking, especially for the Nature, be suitable to dress warm, and spend Valentine’s day in the fresh air. No matter whether it is a romantic walk or have a real adventure in the mountains: After that, you have earned a hearty dinner !

4. Spending a day in bed to Let the whole day, the curtains and cuddle up in your Favorite pajamas to bed. The latest movies and TV shows sought to Neflix, ordered you something to eat and enjoy then the Dessert…;)

5. King for a day —If you have a Few euros on the high edge of the day, it extract is today: Start the day with a pampering at the hairdresser, treat yourself to a 3-course-menu, throw yourself in the bowl and in the evening enjoy exquisite Drinks! After the Party, a visit to a Fast then follows-Food Restaurant let’s be honest: We are not the Royals…

6. Makes a journey without goal — For the Spontaneous among you: go sit in the car and travel simply, without knowing where the journey should go. Maybe you discovered a place near you that you would have otherwise never seen, and spends the night there. The appropriate journey-Soundtrack is mandatory!

7. Ready for the next level of your relationship and a new family member? — Visited an animal shelter in your town, and who knows, maybe you fall in love with a dog or a cat? If you both have enough time and responsibility for a pet, Valentine’s day is the perfect date to Plan for, an animal to acquire, in reality. If not, it is also offer many animal shelters, dogs for a walk and then back – so you are doing something Good!

Now you have enough potential Date-have any ideas to make Valentine’s day a very special day. Now, only one thing is missing: The perfect gift . On a first Date such attentions are of course optional. If you are, however, are no longer a Couple you are, glad your Partner is sure to be very a small gift, or expected it to be maybe even.

The perfect Valentine’s day gift.

To make gifts can often be very tricky, after all, your Partner seems to already have everything he needs. It is even more difficult when time is running out to order a personalized gift to make or have made. However, before you buy an overpriced bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates back with a cheesy card, read first our ideas for the perfect gift that still has meaning:

Gifts for men.

1. Tickets for the Events he will like — Your friend is a Fan of a sports team or a Band? Two Tickets for the game or concert of your choice, and join him there – so he has double reason to be happy.

2. Something rare that has to do with his Hobby, What Hobby has your Partner always, it’s something he wouldn’t buy himself. You might even find the wtas that are only available in the Limited Edition is, and his Hobby together. Such a Fund will make sure speechless !

3. DIY Coupons – Your friend will appreciate the self-knowledge made Coupons, for example for certain activities with you. Be as creative as you want and have fun doing it, if he redeems it at some point .

Gifts for women.

1. Soothing bath salts — Every woman loves to relax after a long day of work – make her a gift that helps her in the process! Trust us: you will look forward to the moment in which you find yourself a hot bath and unwind can get involved and maybe you can be even with this !

2. Silk pajamas —Nothing is more comfortable and sexier than a silk pajama sleep.

3. A calligraphy eures vows — if you are already married, this gift will be your wife for sure, tears in the eyes: Every time you cast a glance at the framed calligraphy eures vows, will you be the most beautiful day of your life remembered .

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